About Emma

Emma Phillips BSc (Hons) MMCA (GCC Reg) MBMAS MIVCA

Quick Facts about Emma.

  • McTimoney graduate 2007
  • IVCA (International Veterinary Chiropractic Association) Graduate 2008
  • Advanced Animal Technique 2010 2013
  • Dynamic taping / kinesio taping 2012 & 2016 (equine)
  • Instrument assisted tool advanced course for sports injuries 2015

What Got Her Interested?.....

  • After having her own injury treated by a Chiropractor & feeling the difference
  • A desire to work with sportsmen and women & help them back to their chosen sport & optimise their performance
  • Wanted to work in a health profession that was both rewarding & made a different to people
  • Interest sparked after seeing many horses treated
  • Emma has ridden horses from a very early age
  • Rode point-to-point racing whilst studying her chiropractic degree
  • Huge riding experience with two winners on her own horse “Beyond the Stars”
  • Emma now enjoys her two thoroughbred ex racehorses "to do a bit of everything with" in her free time

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